The ASG Way

The recruiting industry has earned a bad reputation. We believe our clients and candidates deserve better. We invest in our local clients to form long-term relationships built on integrity.

Measured Methodology

We respect the importance of getting every placement right. We engage deeply to verify candidates' information. Our Scoutr system then validates the ideal candidates for each position.

High Tech, High Touch

The hiring process is your first chance to show people who you really are. We’ve bucked the industry push toward automation by leveraging technology to aid rather than replace the human connection.

Committment to Retention & Productivity

Our model is to find an ideal long-term match between candidates and companies. We believe that longevity makes happy relationships and productive environments.


Candidates at original placement


Month Gurantee

We can solve any of your candidate needs

We have helped companies of all sizes solve their staffing needs. Our firms guarantees are twice that of our competitors. You can put your money on us being in it for the long-haul.

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ASG Team

We have a dynamic team to fit your needs.

Brandon Stevens

Brandon Stevens

Founder and CEO

Brandon is a veteran recruiter with over 15 years of experience building and leading businesses. Through thousands of candidate interviews and years of helping teams grow, Brandon knows personally the challenges recruiters face and the pain points felt by hiring managers and candidates.

Guri Burmi

Guri Burmi

Founder and President

Guri holds a Masters in IT Services Management from Villanova University and is an IT veteran having worked for large Fortune 100 companies in several different verticals. He provides leadership and vision for the company.

Lauren Brence

Lauren Six Brence

Account Manager

Lauren is an accomplished, multi-discipline recruiter with a dedicated passion to helping individuals land their next big opportunity. Lauren has placed doctors, scientists, IT professionals, and experienced business leaders in organizations large and small, across a variety of industries.

Ben Mackley

Ben Mackley

Account Manager

Ben brings his background in directing development to strengthen team relationships. Ben has a BS in Information Systems and a Master's in Educational Psychology and Technology. Ben is an active proponent of using technology to streamline time-intensive processes like hiring and onboarding.