Job Posting

Scoutr job board snapshot

We create for you a job posting visible to millions of applicants that is customized to best represent your employer brand.

Candidate Sourcing

We have access to over 500M online profiles with advanced targeted search features to identify available candidates wherever they are.

Deep Engagement

Our service is powered by Scoutr, a cutting-edge methodology developed in partnership with behavioral scientists to predict long-term performance and retention. We go beyond the job description, engaging with hiring managers to discover not only the skills needed for the role, but also the team’s culture, values, and personalities. We also engage beyond the resume, engaging candidates to discover their skills levels, past performance ratings, cultural preferences, and personality types.

Candidate Presentation

Instead of receiving a stack of resumes to screen on your own time, you’ll receive a screened, curated list of Candidate Match Reports accessible from any web browser. Candidates are rank-ordered by the Scoutr matching algorithm. The algorithm goes well beyond resume keyword searches, drawing on Deep Engagement data to recommend whom to interview based not only on skill coverage, but also culture and personality factors the predict long-term engagement.

Recruiter Enablement

As you grow, you’ll want to bring your recruiting resources inside. Recruiting fees are acceptable to critical short-term hires, but we understand you need a sustainable talent acquisition process. After working with ASG, you may qualify for us to train your team to employ the Scoutr methodology for yourselves, and we’ll always be a call away if you need backup and support.

Extended Guarantees

The standard guarantee for a recruiting placement is only 90 days. You deserve better. We stand by our process and confidently offer a 180 day guarantee. If a candidate we recommend to you doesn’t work out, we will backfill the role for free or return the placement fee.*

*Guarantee applies for candidates terminated for poor performance or who voluntarily exit. We do not honor guarantees for terminations due to downsizing/restructuring.